Lab assignment earthquakes

While at this site, students will also be able to create a virtual earthquake in one of four given locations. Establish communication that will enable you to measure the size of the Earth through a computer link with a number of other schools.

Methods Read, draw, and interpret maps of the earth. On this map, you will color the plate boundaries and draw the earthquake locations.

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If you don't know what time you were born, use midnight UT 0: Discuss the word stress as a class. Since you have three weeks to read this assignment and do the project, we will not be very sympathetic if you come in on the due date and say, "I don't have my lab because the computers were down last night," or "I don't have my chart because I didn't know I was supposed to turn it in," or anything like that.

Earthquake Hazards

After students have tested their structures, in the next class period they should redesign and rebuild them and test them again. Be completed as instructed, on time, as scheduled. Note that you MUST pick a different earthquake than your lab partners.

Again, you are proposing a hypothesis, not necessarily stating the correct answer. Structural Design for Dynamic Loads. Examine, construct, and interpret diagrams, flow charts, and tables of information.

Make a contour map of the area around your home. You can search the MSP2 collection to find many excellent resources. Be sure you print your certificate when you are done, and while you Lab assignment earthquakes at it, save a copy in your documents. This reminds us that human memory, and the human life span, do not provide sufficient information to assess the geological hazards of an area.

Included in every 5E lesson is a homework assignment, assessment, and modified assessment. Or, measure the acidity of local ponds.

Where is the epicenter? Some students may use this list of viable investigations to generate their own project ideas, but the teacher should approve all projects before they are conducted.

Their research often provides evidence that helps them design earthquake resistant structures. The course seeks to develop the ability to develop scematic designs of structural systems and work productively with technical consultants.

On January 12,a 7. The consequences of such catastrophe are really hard to imagine. Those who have never experienced an earthquake may live in a place that will experience a significant earthquake in the future. Select the diamond beside "Universal Time" and enter your birth date and time in Universal Time.

Earthquakes For this assignment, you will need some colored pencils -- red, green, blue and yellow or orange.

It is much harder and takes a lot longer, which may or may not be a good thing. Use appropriate geological terms correctly, in context.

According to Stain some scientists suppose that even the dinosaurs died due to the crash with cosmic body that forced tsunamis.CLASS CALENDAR AND ASSIGNMENTS DATE TOPIC/LAB ASSIGNMENT Week 1 Introduction to Geology Formation of the Earth Ch.

1 Ch. 1 Week 2 Lab 1 – Filling Your Geoscience Toolbox Lab 3 – Earthquake Hazards and Human Risks Lab Manual pp. Week 15 Review for Final Exam Final Exam NOTE: No make-up tests.

Earthquakes Activities

Earthquake involves the students in an interactive simulation. Students will learn how to read seismograms and plot earthquake locations and magnitudes. SIMULATED SEISMOGRAMS Great Falls, Montana Seismology Lab A seismological station is usually a quiet place.

The delicate seismographs at the station are earthquake epicenter, the greater the time-delay between the arrival of the P-wave and the S-wave.

Your Investigation. GLG WEEK 2 Earthquake Technology Lab BUY HERE: GLG WEEK 2 Earthquake Technology Lab GLG WEEK 2 Earthquake Technology Lab GLG WEEK 2 Earthquake Technology Lab Resource: Ch.

9 of Geoscience Laboratory Complete University of Phoenix Material: Week Two Earthquakes Lab Report and University of Phoenix Material: Week Two Lab. Earthquake Exercise. Earthquakes affect Californians often enough that it is worth your while to take this short course so that you know something more about them.

GLG 220 WEEK 2 Earthquake Technology Lab

View Homework Help - GLGWeek 3, Assignment Earthquakes Technology Lab, Appendix F from GLG at University of Phoenix.

GLG Assignment Axia College Material Appendix F Week Three Lab.

Lab assignment earthquakes
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